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The fear of the Lord is begining of knowledge...

Registered under act XXI of 1860. No. RP/9959-L/S/16/3355

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Youth Renewal Centre Pakistan is a registered Trust, founded in August 2010. Its reason for existence is to help Christian children and young people, so that they can make progress in education and skill to escape their selves from the darkness of poverty and ignorance, and nourishing them to become good Christians, so that they can influence society through their Biblical values (life style). To reach these goals, we provide educational opportunities to needy and poor children, and to teenagers we encourage them and provide couching for good academic results in their education and give awareness for skilfulness. For the last five years, in Gohava, we have been fulfilling this ministry through Emmanuel Primary school, Computer Centre, Youth Seminars, Training Workshops, and individual personal conversations for counselling advice. Instead of accusing or blaming today's state of affairs, we believe in doing our part. We invite you also to join with us, through your gifts, to be partners with us in this ministry, so that together we can play our role for Christian young people to help them to be true pillars for the future.

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“Fighting against poverty, discrimination and ignorance through education and skill”

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The LORD will make you the head and not the tail, and you only will be above, and you will not be underneath.... Deuteronomy 28:13